If your equipment has served 20 years, is it not time to consider giving some facelift? Castlelifts  with its industry expertise, partnering with the Mitsubishi Electric, can give you an optimum solution to modernization of your old Mitsubishi Elevators.


Why should you modernize?

As the technology keeps changing, the need of our day to day life, demands improvement in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, speed and reliability. The older technologies, though designed for the purpose of transportation of the passengers, does not fully satisfy the change of phase that is taking place over the last decade. Hence, manufacturers throughout the world, phase out the manufacturing of obsolete models and the related spare parts. Over a period of time, providing reliable service to the older equipments become a challenging task and you as owner of the equipment will end up spending more for older equipments. It makes sense to update and upgrade the equipment in order to minimize the cost of manufacture and inventory which will have a direct impact on the maintenance of your equipment.

Advantage of Modernization:


Advantage of Castlelifts  Modernization:

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